• Sahng-jeh-nim Withdraws the Energy of
    Confucius, Shakyamuni Buddha, and Lao Zi
  • Later that day, Sahng-jeh-nim lay down on a straw mat in the yard and told ee chee―bohk, “spread another mat before Me.”
  • Suddenly, He called out for Confucius and said, “Confucius, you killed Shaozheng Mao. How can you be a sage?
  • For three generations, the wives were driven out of your family. How can you say you governed your family?
  • You are no longer needed here. Go to another world.”
  • Then, He summoned Shakyamuni Buddha and said, “Shakyamuni, sitting in the shade of a tree, you tried to extinguish the human race by tempting the children of others to cut the heavenly ties with their parents and the ties between man and woman.
  • What do you know about nations, ancestors, or multitudes of people?
  • You are no longer needed here. Go to another world.”
  • Next, He called Lao Zi and said, “Lao Zi, people say that a pregnant woman in her tenth month wonders each time she retires to her bedroom whether she will put on her shoes again. She feels as if she is entering a place of death. It is said that you were in the womb for eighty-one years. How could there be a greater disrespect?
  • It is also said that you wrote eighty volumes, but no one on earth has seen them, nor have I.
  • 10 You, too, are no longer needed here. Go to another world.”
  • 11 He also said, “Today, I have finally addressed a matter that has been postponed for thousands of years. Starting today, the knots of all bitterness will be untied.”

  • (JSD Dojeon 10,33)

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