• Cha Gyung-suk and Cha Yoon-chil Follow Su-bu-nim
  • Alarmed by Su-bu-nim’s absence, Gyung-suk began asking the neighbors if they knew where She was, but nobody seemed to know anything.
  • Finally, a farmer who had been working in the fields at dawn said, “I saw Her hurrying toward Jung-eup County early this morning.”
  • Gyung-suk and his younger brother, Yoon-chil, went after Su-bu-nim as fast as they could. They caught up with Her in Tae-in County near Doh-chahng Hill.
  • Gyung-suk found the poison in Her possession and quickly took it from Her, saying,
  • “My dear cousin, why are You doing this? Our Teacher is occupied with important work and will not see anyone until He says otherwise. In obedience to this order, I, too, have refrained from going to see Him.
  • If You insist on visiting Him, we both will be severely reprimanded. I beg of You, return immediately and wait for His command.”
  • Despite his request, Su-bu-nim continued walking. With no other choice, the two brothers followed.

  • (JSD Dojeon 11,11)

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