• Visiting Shin Gyung-su’s House
  • Su-bu-nim spent many days grieving in solitude, during which time, Tae-johng, Her daughter from Her first marriage, contracted smallpox.
  • One day, Tae-johng persistently asked Su-bu-nim to take her to Gaeng-mahng Village. Finally, Su-bu-nim agreed, and She set out for the village, carrying Tae-johng on Her back.
  • On their way, Tae-johng fussed, asking that they take a side road; after taking that road, they arrived in Oon-sahn Village.
  • Tae-johng suddenly insisted, “Let’s go into this house.” As they went through the gate, Su-bu-nim realized that it was Shin Gyung-su’s residence.
  • Seeing Su-bu-nim enter the yard, Shin Gyung-su approached and respectfully greeted Her.
  • Su-bu-nim asked, “Is this house yours?”
    “Yes,” he answered.
    When Gyung-su led them to the main room, Tae-johng insisted, “Let’s go into the other big room.”
  • Su-bu-nim gave in to her insistence, and they went into the other room.
  • There, Su-bu-nim discovered that Sahng-jeh-nim had pasted the words dao mastery on the four walls of the room.
  • As soon as they entered the room, Tae-johng started to feel better and began playing. They decided to stay there, and after just a few days, Tae-johng recovered from smallpox.
  • 10 When Gyung-suk came to visit Su-bu-nim, he became very curious about the writing on the walls. When he left for home, he resolved to return to the room later to meditate.
  • 11 Su-bu-nim stayed a few more days after Gyung-suk’s visit and then returned to Dae-heung Village with Tae-johng.
  • Su-bu-nim Meditates for One Hundred Days
  • 12 Later, without saying anything, Su-bu-nim went back to Shin Gyung-su’s house and meditated intensively in the room for a hundred days.
  • 13 By the end of the hundred days, She had greatly awakened, gaining knowledge of all the principles of the three realms.
  • 14 Tae-johng, who attended on Her during this time, was twelve years old.

  • (JSD Dojeon 11,14)

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