• The People Destined to Meet
  • Tae-mo-nim said, “In coming to this world, I first came down to Mo-ahk Mountain to escort Sahng-jeh-nim to the Maitreya statue of Geum-sahn Temple and there attended on Him.
  • Sahng-jeh-nim was born into the Gahng family of Gaeng-mahng Village, located at the foot of Shee-ru Mountain, which stands in the middle of the Nine Dog Villages.
  • Nine years later, I was born into the Go family of Dahm-yahng County. I married into the Shin family, but was widowed.
  • When I met Sahng-jeh-nim through the work of renewal for the su-bu, He said,
  • ‘I have caught Jeju lightning.
  • I have met the wonderful su-bu. How splendid it is that We have met: the people destined to meet.’”

  • (JSD Dojeon 11,17)

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