• The Death of Gim Hyung-yul’s Third Daughter
  • Gyung-suk had the three men carry away the medicine cabinet, the chest, the pestle and mortar, the herb cutter, the clothes rack, the poems that were on the walls, a picture frame, the wallpaper, and the dust swept from the floor.
  • Before going out into the wind and rain, he handed Hyung-yul twenty won, saying, “Please use this meager sum of money to buy medicine for your ailing daughter.”
  • When they reached the village gate, the rain and lightning ceased, and the wailing of mourners could be heard coming from Hyung-yul’s house.
  • Soon someone from the house came running with news of the daughter’s death.
  • This was the fulfillment of Sahng-jeh-nim’s words, “This medicine cabinet peacefully and painlessly leads to the grave.”
  • This was foreshadowed when Gyung-suk wrote the character deceased mother instead of the character queen.

  • (JSD Dojeon 11,22)

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