• The Tae-eul Mantra Becomes
    the Way of Conveying Sahng-jeh-nim’s Teachings
  • Around this time, Yu Ui-gyung was on the brink of death from typhoid fever, but was saved when Gim Gyung-hahk chanted the Tae-eul Mantra over him. Later, when he fully recovered, Ui-gyung prepared a bowl of fresh water and began chanting the Tae-eul Mantra himself. When he did this, his spiritual eye opened, and many miracles happened.
  • From this, the disciples concluded that one received spiritual power by chanting the Tae-eul Mantra. The disciples decided that the mantra would be the way to spread Sahng-jeh-nim’s teachings and began chanting it themselves.
  • All over the country, many people chanted the Tae-eul Mantra and reported seeing brilliant light and having spiritual experiences. There were also miracles, such as people being cured of intractable diseases. Subsequently, Sahng-jeh-nim’s teachings spread quickly, and throngs of believers gathered.
  • The Dao That Unites the World
  • The disciples asked Tae-mo-nim, “By what name should the teachings be called?”
  • “It is the dao that will unite the whole world,” She replied. “But since the time is premature, call it Immortalism for now. You will know what to name it in the future when true dharma emerges again.”

  • (JSD Dojeon 11,25)

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