• The Start of Conquering Every Disease
  • In 1902 (DG 32), Sahng-jeh-nim performed His first healing. It was on Ee Gyung-oh of Ooh-mook-shil Village, who had been suffering from a severe illness for some time.
  • When Gyung-oh’s condition grew worse, he asked his friend Bahk Geum-gohk, the head monk of Dae-wun Temple, to find a doctor for him.
  • Geum-gohk knew of Sahng-jeh-nim’s divine power, so he told Sahng-jeh-nim about Gyung-oh’s condition and asked Him to perform a spiritual healing.
  • Sahng-jeh-nim went with the monk to examine Gyung-oh. The fourth toe of his left foot was throbbing with pain. Between afternoon and dawn, his leg would swell up until it was like a big pillar. In the morning, the swelling began to subside; and by noon, the leg returned to its normal shape.
  • He had been suffering from this condition for the past three or four years and had gradually lost the use of his leg.
  • Sahng-jeh-nim said, “This disease is truly mysterious. In all matters, something great is pondered through something small.
  • I will use this illness as the model for conquering all the diseases in the world.”
    He rubbed the man’s swollen leg and said to Geum-gohk,
  • “Collect the rain falling from the eaves and wash his leg with the water.” Geum-gohk did as he was told, and the leg was soon cured.

  • (JSD Dojeon 2,22)

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