• Works of Renewal in Taejeon
  • They left Gohng-ju and ate at an inn along the road. On the way to Taejeon, they came to a place where white quartz lay everywhere around the road.
  • Striking two pieces of quartz together, Sahng-jeh-nim told Hyung-yul about sparks, fire, and quartz and taught him many other things.
  • Ho-yun could not understand this work of renewal.
  • After arriving in Taejeon, Sahng-jeh-nim did a great work of renewal and then said, “Let us continue on our way after lunch.” They went to an inn to eat.
  • When the owner’s child came out, Sahng-jeh-nim stuck a few grains of rice on the child’s face, then with a spoon pressed down on the loosely-packed rice in His bowl and ate it all in three or four spoonfuls.
  • Advice to an Ungenerous Innkeeper
  • Sahng-jeh-nim called out the proprietress and asked, “How many spoonfuls of rice did you put in this bowl? If you are going to serve food, should you not serve enough for people to eat their fill?”
  • The woman said, “Looking at my child’s face, I guess You did not get enough to eat.”
    “Yes, your child ate it all,” Sahng-jeh-nim said, smiling.
  • The woman brought out another bowl of rice, and Sahng-jeh-nim gave some to Hyung-yul, ate the rest quickly, and said, “Bring one more bowl.”
  • She brought out yet another bowl. Sahng-jeh-nim pressed the rice down and saw that it only made one spoonful. He ordered another bowl and put the contents of the two bowls together, but it still was not enough to fill one bowl.
  • 10 Sahng-jeh-nim said to her, “If you want your livelihood to continue, you have to change this bad habit. When you serve rice, you should offer a full bowl. You receive money for one bowl, but two of your bowls do not even make one bowl.”
  • 11 She brought out one more serving and finally there was enough rice to fill one bowl.
  • 12 Sahng-jeh-nim said, “Because of you, I lost My appetite. I won’t eat more. Take it away. From now on, give people enough to eat.”

  • (JSD Dojeon 3,33)

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