• Wherever Sahng-jeh-nim Stays
  • One winter day in 1902, while Hyung-yul was attending on Sahng-jeh-nim, there was a heavy snowfall.
  • Hyung-yul said, “According to legend, there was never any snow on Sohng Ooh-ahm’s house. As it touched the roof, it would melt. He must have been born with extraordinary qi of heaven and earth.”
  • Sahng-jeh-nim replied, “That is quite true. Now go and observe the house in which I stay.”
  • When Hyung-yul went outside, he saw that, despite the day’s cold weather and heavy snow, there was not a single flake on the roof. A stream of clear energy reached up through the clouds, revealing the blue sky above.
  • Thereafter, Hyung-yul observed carefully and saw that wherever Sahng-jeh-nim stayed, a stream of clear energy pierced the clouds overhead, preventing them from covering the sky. This was also true when it rained heavily.

  • (JSD Dojeon 9,5)

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