• Loyal as the Tides
  • One day, Sahng-jeh-nim asked Su-bu-nim, “Are You certain Your mind will not change, even if I die?”
  • “How could it change?” She replied.
  • Sahng-jeh-nim then recited a verse:
  • 無語別時情若月 有期來處信通潮
  • Love at the time of a wordless farewell
    is like misty moonlight.
  • The heart that believes in the promise of return
    is as loyal as the tides.
  • He then said, “You have three serious diseases. The most serious is erysipelas. I will now extract it.”
  • He bit the back of Her hand, leaving a dark bruise. “There is no need to worry about this disease any longer.”
  • “Please get rid of the remaining diseases,” She requested.
  • “In all matters, there are limitations and responsibilities. In the future, there will be someone to heal You.”

  • (JSD Dojeon 10,6)

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