• Sovereign and Teacher Will Become One
  • “In ancient times, holy sages established the basis of civilization. By being both a sage and a hero, one leader could edify and govern.
  • Later, when sageness and heroism were no longer united, governing and edification were divided and split into many branches. Because of this, true dharma could not be found.
  • In the future, according to the principle of returning to the origin, sovereign and teacher will become one.”
  • Punishing Those Who Betray Their Teachers
  • One day, Sahng-jeh-nim said to the disciples, “In the world of the Early Heaven, because the doh-su was wrong, there were students who harmed their teachers.
  • From now on, those who commit such an unjust act will be punished for their betrayal.”

  • (JSD Dojeon 4,32)

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