A vast current of change that will fundamentally alter the world is sweeping across every aspect of our existence. We now face the arrival of a shining civilization never before experienced in humanity’s history. As this new world races toward us, humanity yearns for illumination―yearns for the new truth.

This new truth is the vision entrusted to us by Gahng Jeung-san (1871~1909), who was born 134 years ago in the Eastern country of Korea. Gahng Jeung-san was the incarnation of Sahng-jeh-nim, the “Emperor Above” or “Highest God,” the new Buddha who bestowed on humanity a truth not found in the teachings of any sage in the East and West: the Great Dao of Mu-geuk. Sahng-jeh-nim was the first in history to conduct the work of renewing heaven and earth, beginning the process of fundamentally resolving all the causes of human suffering and oppression. Since Sahng-jeh-nim’s arrival in this world, over ten million people have been changed by His teachings and have dedicated themselves as practitioners of His dao. In recent years, His truth has spread throughout Korean society and now will spread across the globe in the form of the Dojeon.

Jeung San Do (“Dao of Jeung-san”) is the name of both Sahng-jeh-nim’s teachings and of the organization that spreads these teachings, and the Dojeon (“Sacred Book of Dao”) is Jeung San Do’s sacred text, a compilation of all records of the lives, work, and vision of Jeung-san Sahng-jeh-nim and His dao successor and partner, Go Pahl-lyeh (1880~1935), known by Her title: Tae-mo-nim. After the original, Korean-language edition of the Dojeon was published in 1992, I promised myself that the Dojeon would be translated into many languages and that millions of copies would be distributed globally to share the great dao of Sahng-jeh-nim and Tae-mo-nim with all the people of the world.

It has taken me twelve years to fulfill the first part of my promise. One hundred years after Sahng-jeh-nim began His work of renewal, the Dojeon has now been translated into English, Japanese, Chinese, German, French, and Spanish (and is being translated into Russian). In the coming days, I will keep the rest of my promise by distributing the Dojeon internationally.

I extend my deepest gratitude to the many individuals who labored countless hours writing, cross-referencing, discussing, and editing the Dojeon translations. Through dedication and indefatigable effort, the members of the Jeung San Do Dojeon translation teams have brought down language barriers, allowing vast numbers of people the opportunity to experience and understand Sahng-jeh-nim’s and Tae-mo-nim’s boundless teachings.

I am delighted that Jeung San Do’s truth, embodied in the Dojeon, is now within reach of our brothers and sisters around the world. Experiencing the Dojeon can be a profound spiritual odyssey through the gate of the future. I pray to Sahng-jeh-nim and Tae-mo-nim that people will soon awaken to their true nature as the fruit of the universe and that they will become reborn as children of a new life.

Ahn Gyung-jun

The Grand Master of Jeung San Do

September, 2004 (DG 134)

Taejeon, South Korea