• Gahng the Lunatic
  • Once, when Sahng-jeh-nim was staying at a house in Dae-heung Village, Chey Chahng-jo arrived, bowed to Him, and then went to a corner of the yard.
  • Gnashing his teeth, Chahng-jo growled, “I cannot rest until a few of us go over to that inn and kill at least one of them.”
  • Gohng-ooh asked, “What is this all about?”
    “I’ve never felt such deep bitterness,” Chahng-jo said. “I’d sooner die than stand it any longer.”
  • Rolling up his sleeves, he continued, “One of the rogues at the inn over there ridiculed our Teacher. When I protested, they mocked me. Being outnumbered, I could do nothing. I cannot contain my anger.”
  • Wanting Sahng-jeh-nim to hear, he growled, “They said that for them to be courteous to me, I would have to associate with them, buy them drinks, and stop following ‘Gahng the Vagabond,’ ‘Gahng the Lunatic.’”
  • At this, Gohng-ooh blew his nose, grabbed a stick, and started to leave. “This can be easily resolved.”
  • 10 Sahng-jeh-nim promptly called for him to come back, but Gohng-ooh would not.
  • 11 Sahng-jeh-nim thundered, “Gohng-ooh! Do you want to break ties with Me?”
  • 12 Shocked, Gohng-ooh came back inside and prostrated himself. “No, of course not.”
  • 13 Sahng-jeh-nim told him to sit up. “I heard everything just now. Listen, it is wonderful to be called Gahng the Lunatic! They are really My best il-ggoon.
  • 16 One of Chey Su-oon’s songs says, ‘If only I could follow that man who seemed a lunatic at one moment and a drunk the next, I could tell him every story smoldering in my heart, and my dreams would come true. I lament I have not met him yet.’
  • 17 Because they call Me crazy, it is easy for you to follow Me. Suppose they called Me a sage, could you follow Me? Think about it deeply.”
  • 18 Gohng-ooh bowed in apology many times. “I did not think like a human until today.” The faces of the disciples, who had all been angered, relaxed into smiles, and they also apologized to Sahng-jeh-nim.

  • (JSD Dojeon 3,171)

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