• The Initiation of Ee Chee-bohk and Ee Gohng-sahm
  • On January 15, a man named Ee Chee-hwa from Bu-ahn County and another named Ee Gohng-sahm became followers of Sahng-jeh-nim.
  • Sahng-jeh-nim said to Chee-hwa, “Return to your home quickly.” But Chee-hwa remained throughout the rest of the day.
  • Sahng-jeh-nim again told him to go home quickly and gave him a certain date by which to bring back seventy nyahng.
  • Chee-hwa went home and on the prescribed day returned with seventy nyahng tied around his waist.
  • Sahng-jeh-nim had the money at first placed inside a room, then outside the room, and finally outside the gate. He left it there for one day and one night. Afterward, He had the money brought back into the room.
  • Later, Sahng-jeh-nim had Gohng-sahm take the money to Gyung-suk.
  • Sahng-jeh-nim said to Ee Chee-hwa, “Because hwa (化) sounds like hwa (禍), change it to bohk (福).” From then on, he was called Ee Chee-bohk.

  • (JSD Dojeon 3,198)

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