• Ho-yun and Bohng-nahm Meet for the First Time
  • In autumn, after conducting works of renewal in Taejeon, Sahng-jeh-nim went directly to Seoul with Ho-yun and Hyung-yul. They stayed several months in a part of the city called Ahn-ahm Village, in a room someone had offered.
  • One day, Bohng-nahm approached Ho-yun and greeted her warmly. “Are you doing all right?”
  • “Who are you to ask me, ‘Are you doing all right?’” replied Ho-yun.
    “Well, this kid is quick to put me down.”
  • “What did I do to you? Did I hit you?” Ho-yun retorted, but Bohng-nahm laughed and did not reply.
  • “Who is this boy?” Ho-yun asked Sahng-jeh-nim.
    “Call him your older brother,” Sahng-jeh-nim said. He sided with Bohng-nahm.
  • “He is living at My house. Why do you slight him, when he has been living with Me for quite a while?”
  • On this day, Bohng-nahm had come on an errand from Gu-rit-gohl Village to tell Sahng-jeh-nim that provisions had run out at Hyung-yul’s house due to Sahng-jeh-nim’s extended stay in Seoul.
  • Though Bohng-nahm had heard about Ho-yun from time to time, that day was his first encounter with her.
  • Works of Renewal in Seoul
  • One day, Sahng-jeh-nim made the whole village disappear. Walking around with Ho-yun, He said, “We must find the bead that will give you a livelihood. Look for it with Me.”
  • 10 A while later, Sahng-jeh-nim picked up a stone and a stick. It was lunchtime, and He said, “Let us eat.” Instantly, bowls of rice, side dishes, and utensils appeared from nowhere.
  • 11 After lunch, the dishes and leftover food vanished. He explained, “Their owner has carried them away. The leftovers, too good to throw away, should have been saved and eaten later. But, since we could not carry them along, we had to return them.” He then went back to conducting the work of renewing heaven and earth.
  • 12 While in Seoul, Sahng-jeh-nim once said to Hyung-yul, “Go to Sahm-chung Village and wash Ho-yun.”
  • 13 Because Hyung-yul was hesitant, Sahng-jeh-nim Himself took Ho-yun to the village and washed her in a clear stream.
  • 14 Sahng-jeh-nim spent that autumn in Seoul and returned to Gu-rit-gohl Village in early winter.

  • (JSD Dojeon 3,34)

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