• The Way of Setting the World Right
  • “Only when all the bitterness that has accumulated since ancient times and all the tragedies resulting from it are resolved will everlasting peace be attained.
  • Since human affairs have been governed by the principle of mutual conflict throughout the age of the Early Heaven, they have gone against justice.
  • The accumulation of bitterness and grief has been flooding the three realms of the universe. The lethal qi from this is bursting out into the world, creating horrible disasters.
  • This is why the order of heaven and earth has to be remade.
  • By rectifying the way of spirits, I will resolve the bitterness that has accumulated throughout history.
  • A world of immortality can then be opened through the dao of mutual life-giving.
  • The Government of Creative Change is established so that people will be governed without action and taught without words. In this way, I will set the world right.”

  • (JSD Dojeon 4,14)

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