• Blessings Come After Many Ordeals
  • “According to heaven and earth’s principle that there must be disorder before things can be set right, it is essential that I release the demons so that they can be resolved.
  • For anyone who follows Me, at first all kinds of demons will be roused. Blessings come only after many ordeals.”
  • The Way of Transgression and the Way of Goodness
  • “The Early Heaven has been the age of conquerors, in which transgression has been the means of living. In the Later Heaven, the age of sages, goodness will be the means of living. Which will endure longer, the way of transgression or the way of goodness?
  • I have established programs that will allow the people in the Later Heaven to live by doing good.”

  • (JSD Dojeon 4,18)

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