• When Sahng-jeh-nim Gives a Task
  • When Sahng-jeh-nim gave His disciples a task, He would always give them a deadline and enforce it.
  • If disciples worried that bad weather would keep them from completing their work on time, Sahng-jeh-nim would say,
  • “Why would I choose a day with bad weather?” On any day someone was doing work assigned by Sahng-jeh-nim, the weather was fair.
  • Sahng-jeh-nim’s Countenance and Demeanor
  • 10 Sahng-jeh-nim’s hair was jet black and lustrous. His face was bright. When He smiled, His eyes smiled first.
  • 11 Sahng-jeh-nim’s voice was as loud as a great bell. He would often change the appearance of His face, and sometimes, though He was sitting right next to someone, He would disappear without a trace.
  • 12 Sahng-jeh-nim would occasionally come home with a rash all over His face as if He were a leper. At other times, He would arrive with His face colorfully made up like a common performer. The disciples would all say, “There is no way to understand His work.”

  • (JSD Dojeon 4,99)

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