• The Program of Yi Yin
  • In a work of renewal conducted when Yu Chahn-myung was attending on Him, Sahng-jeh-nim wrote:
  • 正心
    爲天下者 不顧家事
  • Set your mind right.
    Only then can you cultivate your body, take care of your family,
    rule the nation, and establish peace in the world.
  • It is difficult to take care of your own household
    while carrying out the work under heaven.
  • 桀惡其時也 湯善其時也
  • Jie ruled with tyranny;
  • Tang ruled with virtue.
  • 天道敎桀於惡 天道敎湯於善
    桀之亡湯之興 在伊尹
  • The way of heaven taught Jie wickedness;
  • The way of heaven taught Tang goodness.
  • The fall of Jie and the rise of Tang
    depended on Yi Yin.

  • (JSD Dojeon 6,72)

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