• Ahn Pil-sung’s Prayer
  • Ahn Pil-sung was on his way back from meeting a town official in Hahm-yul Township, when he stopped at an inn to have some rice wine and to rest.
  • When he later reached home, he realized he had left his pipe and tobacco pouch at the inn.
  • With no alternative, he sat without smoking his pipe. His yearning for the pipe, which he had left twenty lee back, eventually became unbearable.
  • At that moment, he recalled what Sahng-jeh-nim had often told him: “If you have a special request to ask of Me, put a bowl of fresh water on a straw mat or a sheet of white paper. Then, call out to Me three times and pray with one mind. After this, your wish will come true.”
  • After preparing a bowl of water and praying to Sahng-jeh-nim in earnest, Pil-sung found his pouch of tobacco and his pipe lying neatly on top of his stationery chest.

  • (JSD Dojeon 9,46)

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