• The Meaning of the Shee-chun-ju Mantra:
    Serving Sahng-jeh-nim Who Incarnated to This World
  • “The Shee-chun-ju Mantra is the foundation of heaven and earth.
  • There is great energy in the Shee-chun-ju Mantra. If you chant this mantra frequently, there will be nothing that you cannot accomplish.”
  • The Shee-chun-ju Mantra (侍天主呪)
  • 侍天主 造化定 永世不忘 萬事知
    Shee-chun-ju Jo-hwa-jung Yung-seh-bool-mahng Mahn-sa-jee
  • 至氣今至願爲大降
  • A Glorious Life in Heaven
  • One day, Sahng-jeh-nim said, “If, in practicing dao with one mind, you suffer severe hardship and die,
  • all the spirits in heaven and earth will praise and admire you. Your life in heaven will be indescrib-ably glorious.”

  • (JSD Dojeon 2,120)

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