• The Fundamental Principle of Change
  • In conducting a work of renewal, Sahng-jeh-nim wrote the following:
  • 萬物資生 羞恥
    放蕩神道 統
    春之氣放也 夏之氣蕩也
    秋之氣神也 冬之氣道也
    統以氣主張者也 知心大道術
    戊申 十二月 二十四日
  • All creatures are born of Mother Earth’s virtue
    with shy innocence.
  • Release, dispersion, spirit, and dao
    are the grand order of change.
  • The qi of spring is release.
  • The qi of summer is dispersion.
  • The qi of autumn is spirit.
  • The qi of winter is dao.
  • The grand order that governs the change of the four seasons
    is controlled by means of qi.
  • The great dao mastery of knowing the mind.
    December 24, 1908.

  • (JSD Dojeon 2,110)

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