• The Merit of the Twenty-Four Seasons Mantra
  • Sahng-jeh-nim said to the disciples, “Enlightenment is in Gun (乾1), Gahm (坎8), Gahn (艮5), Jin (震4), Sohn (巽6), Li (離7), Gohn (坤2), and Tae (兌3).”
  • Spontaneously, Yu Chahn-myung recited the names of the eight trigrams once in a loud voice and then went outside.
  • On another occasion, Sahng-jeh-nim said, “People do not know the merit of the Twenty-Four Seasons Mantra.
  • When a child is ignorant, we say, ‘That child does not know the season.’
  • When a child uses good sense, we say, ‘That child knows the season.’ When an old person does not use good sense, we say, ‘That person is like a child who does not know the season.’”
  • The Twenty-Four Seasons Mantra
  • 冬至 小寒 大寒 立春 雨水 驚蟄 春分 淸明
  • Dohng-jee So-hahn Dae-hahn Ip-choon Ooh-su Gyung-chip Choon-boon Chung-myung
  • 穀雨 立夏 小滿 芒種 夏至 小暑 大暑 立秋
  • Go-gu Ip-ha So-mahn Mahng-johng Ha-jee So-suh Dae-suh Ip-chu
  • 處暑 白露 秋分 寒露 霜降 立冬 小雪 大雪
  • Chuh-suh Baeng-no Chu-boon Hahl-lo Sahng-gahng
    Ip-dohng So-sul Dae-sul
  • The Significance of Seasonal Order
  • Gohng-ooh said, “In one of his songs, Chey Su-oon wrote, ‘The green pines and the green bamboo are sources of enlightenment.’”
  • “Almost everything in the world can distinguish between seasons,” Sahng-jeh-nim remarked. “Only pines and bamboo, remaining green in both winter and summer, cannot.”
  • The Center of Heaven and Earth
  • 天地之中央 心也
    故 東西南北 身 依於心
  • The center of heaven and earth is the mind.
  • 10 The north, south, east, and west of the universe
    and the human body
    depend upon the mind.

  • (JSD Dojeon 3,201)

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