• All Sorts of Diseases Will Appear
  • In May 1909, while staying in Baek-ahm Village, Sahng-jeh-nim wrote something, gave it to Gyung-hahk, and said, “Put this writing in a jar of water and turn the paper counterclockwise in the water. Then, take it out and burn it.”
  • Later, a fire broke out at the house of Gyung-hahk’s older brother, Gyung-eun. Fanned by a strong southerly wind, the fire burned down nine neighboring houses, but Gyung-hahk’s house was not damaged.
  • Later that month, Sahng-jeh-nim said to Hyung-yul, Gim Ghee-bo, and Ho-yun, “In the days to come, all sorts of new diseases will suddenly appear.”

  • (JSD Dojeon 3,206)

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