• The Master of Sahng-jeh-nim’s Work
  • Sahng-jeh-nim said, “Being superior by just one move wins the game of ba-dook. Concentrate on the study that is unknown to others, and wait.”
  • He also said, “The master of My work is determined at the ultimate contest. In preparation for the ultimate contest, he eats a lot of meat, drinks much wine, and sleeps in the bean field.”
  • He also said, “A person with the determination to be in the ultimate contest emerges at the final round. In that one round, he brings the ultimate contest to an end.”
  • Sahng-jeh-nim once read aloud one chapter from the book Sa-yo. He then burned the book and said,
  • “Look at the people inside the mainstream. Some among the many are like this and some are like that.
  • Unable to continue their study inside the mainstream, they tighten their belts, and when they open the back door to have a look, a phoenix sings. Then, as the yellow rooster crows and flaps its wings, news arrives from outside the mainstream.”
  • He continued, “My work is the work outside the mainstream. Though I teach you, you do not know. You will know it when it actually happens.”

  • (JSD Dojeon 6,65)

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