• A Work of Renewal for Decorum
    During the Initiation Ceremony
  • In Jeonju County, Gim Suk was initiated into Sahng-jeh-nim’s dao. Sahng-jeh-nim positioned disciples Gwahng-chahn and Hyung-yul at Suk’s left and right, placed a bowl of fresh water in front of them, and had them all do the embracing-heaven-and-caressing-earth bow four times.
  • He had the two disciples recite the Tae-eul Mantra twenty-one times like chanting monks and then had Suk do the same.
  • Conveying Sahng-jeh-nim’s Dao Through Mantra Meditation
  • In the spring of 1909, Sahng-jeh-nim sat His disciples in a circle, gave one of them the verses of the Jin-aek Mantra, and had him chant it. “Convey the mantra to ten thousand people,” Sahng-jeh-nim said and made him promise to carry out the order.
  • Sahng-jeh-nim instructed him to have the next disciple do as the first had done. Then, each disciple did the same in turn.
  • Great Healing Begins
  • One day, Sahng-jeh-nim summoned Gohng-ooh and said to him, “When multitudes are dying of the catastrophic disease, put signboards in the streets to inform people that you will go out to save many throughout the world.”
  • The Team of Six Army Ends Confusing Dharma
  • Sahng-jeh-nim told Gohng-ooh, “The team of six is like an army.”
  • Calling it “The Team of Six Song,” Sahng-jeh-nim often sang:
  • A game is played on a grand scale.
    When the Team of Six Army enters, the game is over.

  • (JSD Dojeon 6,75)

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