• The Il-ggoon’s Path
  • “As a great person, when you prepare to carry out a work, you must have an open and just mind and say, ‘I will do it even at the risk of my life.’
  • You must not be concerned about your own life. You cannot succeed in a great work if you are tied to small and trivial matters.
  • If you fearfully hesitate to carry out a task, it is due to a lack of fortitude.
  • You may suffer in the course of carrying out My work, but you will not die in vain.
  • Even if you are imprisoned while conducting the work under heaven, what is there to fear?
  • Those of you doing the work under heaven will have difficulty taking care of your household.
  • 12 “Even if My work could be completed quickly, it would still require becoming one with the one mind of heaven and earth for completion. Moreover, it must not be completed only in one place.”

  • (JSD Dojeon 8,14)

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