• An Il-ggoon Should Be Confident
  • “If, upon seeing a talented person of fine presence, you lose confidence―thinking, ‘A person like that will be successful. How can a mediocrity like me handle a great task?’―you will ruin your work.
  • If you think like this, you will not accomplish anything. You will not succeed regardless of how hard you try.
  • Your guardian spirits will come to have doubts. ‘By supporting this weakling, our own work will be ruined,’ they will say, and they will leave.”
  • Always Have a Bold and Dignified Presence
  • “However cold you are, do not cross your arms or warm yourself near a flame.
  • Those carrying out the work of heaven and earth should always have a bold and dignified presence.”

  • (JSD Dojeon 8,24)

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