• God on the White Throne, West Spirit
  • On the afternoon of the same day, Sahng-jeh-nim lay down on the front porch and then in the yard.
  • Next, He lay outside the gate, and after that, on Hyung-yul’s back, He was carried to Hyung-yul’s house. Later, He was carried back to the medicine room.
  • Sahng-jeh-nim repeated this four or five times, which exhausted Hyung-yul. For the next two trips, Gyung-suk carried Sahng-jeh-nim.
  • Then, Sahng-jeh-nim ordered seven people to carry Him from Hyung-yul’s house to the medicine room, supporting Him by the arms, legs, waist, and head.
  • He lay down and said, “To die or to live is easy. When the essence within the body is dispersed, a person dies. When it is concentrated, a person lives.” He had Gyung-suk write down the following on a piece of paper and burn it:
  • 全羅北道 古阜郡 優德面 客望里 姜一淳 西神司命
  • North Jul-la Province, Go-bu County, Ooh-duk Township,
    Gaeng-mahng Village, Gahng Il-soon, Role of the West Spirit.
  • Shin Wun-il asked, “When do You intend to decide the world’s fate?”
  • “I will now depart to make plans for the world,” Sahng-jeh-nim replied. “When the work is done, I will return.
  • When the pulse stops, you die. You must know the source.”

  • (JSD Dojeon 10,36)

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